Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What's it with all this?

I've already been contemplating this for days, but right now things to bitch about are piling up. Bitch in the sense of rambling on about, less complaining.

First, this post on the blogger help sections:

Some users are having problems accepting reader and author invitations on the
new version of Blogger in beta, and see an error message when they log in to
accept. While we sort this out, the workaround is to send the invitation to a
different e-mail address. The invitee may still accept the invitation with
whichever Google Account he or she wishes. Updated, 11/20: This is now resolved.

Uhm ... no?!
I already had these problems with my old beta blog, then I made the new peachyknits here, in old blogger, joined the L&V KAL, and now that I switched to beta here again, I cannot join the Hidcote Garden KAL!! I now will try out that thing with the different email address, but what should that change? And it is not solved!!

Okay, so I'm a bit bitchy about that in the real sense of trhe word. The rest now is rather rambling, as stated above.

So, as that was first, now comes second:
What is it with me and joining communities online?

During the last 7 years (starting on Dec 1st, 1999) I've been hooked on online communities. It started with joining local chat rooms - not to find any kind of friends, be they of whatever depth of interest, it then went on to forums of all kinds, and finally blogs. I usually stay for half a year, and then things get either boring or comlicated, and I move on.
Now I guess with this I'm really a child of my generation. Contrary what some stupid (now I mean really stupid, as in not knowing what they are talking about but still making a fuss people) parental associations here claim I've never been a complete loner. Yeah, I'm a geek a.k.a. girl gamer, I actually know stuff about computers, I study a breathtakingly complicated subject at university, I'm entitled to geek, and proud of it!
But with all that my "normal" social interactions have never suffered. Even improved I would say as programs like Skype or ICQ help keeping in touch when people are not in the country, or have no time for meeting or even phoning. All works online better, without problems of time zones.
Heck, I even got my boyfriend off the internet! Although that was rather, uhm, a mistake. I never was there to look for someone, but even before my whole profile was online he was hooked to me, and well - now we've just had our 2.5 years anniversary, and fit together like, well, twins. Nearly identical interest, with enough variation not to bugger each other too much. Would we ever have met "in real life"? I don't know. Probably would have ignored us, although for a time we even frequented the same university building parts (and it's pretty close there, so we would surely have met).

Stop, I just saw I got my first comment here, squee!!
Now going on:

But apart from that I'm more than happy to keep online stuff online. I don't want to meet people whose blogs I read, or with whom I chat. I'm sure you guys are all allright - but please keep to your nicknames and leave me with mine in my secluded area of the great world wide web!
Okay, so that is the reason why I fled my old blog. I wanna be on my own, and then I'm too polite when poeple ask to meet with me. And send me handknit socks, meh (it was after a secret pal like thingy, and she was so happy as my spoilee. I really spoilt her too much!). But now, in this like 10th comunity I won't run into that kind of trouble - no, no, you are all 1-10 timezones away, that's okay ;)

Okay, third:
What's it with me and appreciation seeking?
Now herein fits the comment. I haven't even read it, it's probably spam, but last week the reader frequency rose from non-existent to a select few, and now I'm happy. Now isn't that stupid in itself? Do I only "live" online so that others can see it? Now this one really bugs me. But I guess it stems from my parents never really appreciating what I did. The downsides of being nearly bet in class for 12 years of school ... well. Let's not dwell on that.

What's it with me and my stash?
I'm like drowning in wool and yarn, and stuff, and still I rue committing to the Knit from your Stash 2007? Why do I feel like having to go out today and buy some more yarn? WHY??

Not really a 5th, but I have to go out today and get the single CD of the new Bond Theme song, from Chris Cornell. I sooo love that song!

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