Monday, January 15, 2007


Squee, I'm getting my new mobile today! In just about three hours it will be mine!

Yesterday I did cast on with STR nodding violet lightweight for the Rapid River Socks - but the pattern does not look good with that colourway. I saw someone doing kew from knitting with the yarn, and it was sooo beautiful - I'm a copycat! But the yarn is without doubt the best yarn I ever knit. It just does not slide, even with the long tail cast on it did not significantly unwind, it just flows over my needles, and the 2 inch I knit felt really good on my foot, stretchy yet fitting - perrrfect. I guess once I've decimated my sock yarn stash enough, I'll revisit the blue moon fiber arts website and buy some more.

I also decided to cast on for the provincial waistcoat from the current IWK issue - I know I talked about slimming and waiting and so on, but I guess it will likely fit me for loosing the next like 20 pounds, and I can always start tricksing should I really loose more. I mean 20 would be great anyways ;) I just cannot put on one of those lovely meters for slimming because I will not go near my scales until I know that I have slimmed what I have "gathered" since my parent's seperation. I'll do the waistcoat in rowan RYC cashsoft aran in bud, a light greeny yellow. I so love colour and yarn ...

Oh, and the colourmart yarn I talked about lately arrived last thursday, with having been shipped on monday. Really neat! And it's such a ... lovely yarn. I will knit three or four strands together, but even the lace weight silk is soo beautiful - gotta get more should I ever run out of my current stock ;)

So that's it for today I guess, no more yarns to drool about, no more projects I will cast on for and then let them rest for better times. But for me just planning and starting is worth so much - and it's my money and my flat space that is used up by those projects, so who are others to complain?

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