Friday, January 19, 2007

Still not extinct!

Now exactly what I thought would happen, happened - where I and the various parts of my family lived nothing really happened. Even a plastic bag I forgot on the balcony was still there, this morning.

At my mother's, there were some problems, but considering that she lives just near the territory where the damage was worst, a few fallen trees are nearly nothing. Hurricanes are just not the same here as anywhere else. But then my country wasn't the worst afflicted, either.

Now to more knittery things - I nearly completed the first side of edging on my shawl yesterday, just when the howling of the storm became too loud I went to sleep - I seem to sleep best in bad weather, and when I woke up in the morning, everything was fine. Apart from the cats looking rather sleepy, but I guess they had their fun, looking out the window watching the trees for the better part of the night.

I guess that the way the edging progresses, I will be done tomorrow evening, should nothing big interfere. I even found more cat food, so I can go shopping saturdays. Oh, I'm writing from work, as the storm died down to a breeze this morning, not even more than slightly windy.

Thanks to all people leaving comments about my needle problem - I asked some people in the lab, and got the adress of a craft store that should have some wax paper. I still don't know why it's so hard to find anything here, but taken how long I had to search for good yarn stores I should not be so surprised. Most things crafty are not en vogue around here, still. I guess by the time I get this paper I will have used the needles long enough so that the usage alone will have softened the surface.

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