Friday, January 12, 2007

The good, the bad, and my cats

So today I've calmed down a bit again. I still don't have the report of my blood count (will get that in my midday break), but yesterday in the evening I sat down in front of the TV, my knitting basket on my left, a purring black cat on my lap, aantilopes galloping over flooded prairies on the screen, and took my blood pressure with one of those wrist measurement instuments that are not that accurate, but can't be too much off. And what did I get, twice? About 100/90. Looooow low sytsolic pressure, taking that I was nearly dozing off and the cat purring like mad to facilitate this even more, and no caffeine in my system, I guess that's normal for me at that state. My mum also has low blood pressure to the point pf dozing off every late afternoon while reading or watching TV, that's in the family. So I'm OKAY now again.

Phew. Jumped off that panic wagon soon enough. Truly, I'm still mad at the doctor, but rationality already peaks through the gaps in my rightious fortress of self-defense - I could just have said, uhm, you know, I'm not feeling all that well, I'm a little peeved about the whole checking my votals, please measure my pressure (nice forumulation, isn't it?) in like 15 minutes again? And oh, I was rather sporty until two years ago, so even with digress I still have to climb up to my flat like 100 stairs a day, same at work, I can't be THAT out of the normal frame.

What really makes me so furious is the fact that I don't even need the means of modern internet search to read the strange things he put in the fiche for the blood count. I know what hyperlipidemia is. I know that I don't have it as a) the values in my whole family have always been good to low (yeah, there are people who have to dress flabby and have low, low bad cholesterol), and the last blood count I got was also okay - and I neaver changed my eating habits since then. I also don't eat enough fat to have my blood swim with lipids. And anyway, that usually comes as a genetic disorder anyways with people who eat too much but rather healthy. Umpf. I had like 3 lectures in biochemistry that concerned metabolism, I can f***ing draw the chemical structure formulas of the metabolic products of all these metabolic pathways where our vital signs come from and what shows in blood count. I'm three months from my final exam of my study, biochemistry being one of my major subjects, I just HAVE TO KNOW THAT!
End of rant.

To more lovely things, I've yesterday started with the third ball of kidsilk haze on my victorian melon shawl - I'm somewhere around 45 repeats out of 62 for the whole inner stole part of the thing. Maybe I'll even make it larger, starting on the edging somewhere save, knitting til the yarn starts to dwindle, and end with the last few cm of yarn ;) I still have till the 23rd of January, the ball being on th 25th when I want to have it done - anyway I will make it! But no more sock knitting. And I also stopped in progress of the arwen cardi as I plan to take up jogging any way now, and when I slim I can make the cardigan longer and smaller in size, and oversized garments are the bane of anyone who just slimmed like 5 kg (my rational goal for now). Meh.

And my cats are so cute. Really. I just looove them!

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