Sunday, January 14, 2007

just rambling

I just counted my melon repeats on the shawl, and I'm at 58 out of 62 - only 4 more to go! And not tugging on the monster, just holding both sides between my arms, I've already reached my maximum wingspan. Blocking, and of course with the added border, it should approach2 meters soon. I guess I'll NOT do some extra repeats, even with my stocky torso that thing should wrap around me enough.

I guess today I nearly knitted 10 repeats, catching up on podcasts of the not snot-laughing type (yeah, I did that when the pony boy hat came up. And I sooo know what that is ;)) - but now my arms are protesting - I think I'm about to get cramps in the sinews just below my elbow. I've had those critters in my legs when I was doing 15 hours of aerobics when I was 16, and never wanna meet them again. Taken, in your right arm it's better than in both legs, but I have to work really a ot with the full use of fingers and arms from tomorrow on, so ... I guess that's it for today with knitting, at least the lace stuff. It's only 4 p.m. on a sunday, and I'm done for the day? Not likely ... I guess the sock will come up waaay sooner than I expected. Sorry for typos, by the way, but my fingers are really not oin the good side today. It I were a little less obsessive I'd give up knitting for the time being until my carpal's are done, but hey ... it's all about obsessions, now isn't it? Life, I mean. What's left when you take out all the obsessions and passions?

I'm a bit sad that I got non of the lime & violet etsy yarn from the latest update, but hey, I have like 7 miles, that should be enough for now!

Now something totally knitting unrelated. Once again I'm listeing to Garbage, singing a bit on the loud and false side - I so love Shirley's voice. I'm just mentioning it because the track list finally reached the first album, and I was playing that on endless repeat whgile reading Jordan's Wheel of Time for the first time in english, obsessively. So much for obsessions, again. I think I cannot do anything without obsession and still find it worth the while. I guess that's why my diploma thesis has until recently evolved into something hideously that graps me on monday and spits me out thorouly chewn up on friday night. But htings are working now, just 7 weeks before the end of it, so who am I to complain?

Until now, 2007 has been a really good year. Not really relation-wise as our relation is something like stagnating for months - but not in a bad sense. Just in a I'm depressed and don't need headaches to say no, but it will get better anyways soon! But my creativity really is taken up by other things lately, and I've got no energy to speak off, so where should the rest come from? But I'm really not complaining, apart from job troubles my life has never been so good. When all problems will be sorted in 3 months or so, and I've just got the final exam to learn, I'll be the most happy person on earth. Well, probably after passing said exam, but still - life is good, so why should I complain? I just have to refind that spark of life again, but I guess it's already sitting in front of me and I just have to take it up.

Hm, getting a bit philosophical here, scaring away people reading this ;) But hey, it's my blog, it's not like anyone HAS to read it. I also don't read it, what's visible from the many mistypings. I do know pretty good how to spell and write, but my fingers get a little too fast sometimes. That's what you get from typing english on german keyboards ...

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