Sunday, January 07, 2007

More about stash

After doing the stash dive for the Sock Marathon, I yesterday decided to organize the rest of my stash, too, putting everything (useful) down in a spreadsheet. Useful because I don't count the various balls of cotton yarn I used to use for a crochet blanket I am too lazy to complete. Sewing 150 granny squares together, I'm getting a chill only thinking about that.

What I came up with was only half as bad a I feared - 60.7 km or 38 miles - not too bad. There is useful yarn for about 6 pullovers/cardigans there, and a loadful of lace shawles, too. It is not that bad.

Now the only thing stopping me from casting on for the Arwen Cardi is the fact that I don't have the needdles for it. I hope they arrive soon.

On the sock front, I'm knitting on the second Anastasia Sock - and decided after 3 pattern row repeats to not do the second sock with ssks and spiral going the other way, but just knit the first sock twice. I'm also not quite sure if I did not knit the pattern mirror-wise anyway in the first place - I have knit with charts long before using written-out instructions, and I fear I read the chart from the wrong side on. BUT the socks are lovely, the eyelet spiral nicely pronounced, and all. Pics will follow when both socks are ready, and the jaywlkers are dry again.

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