Sunday, January 14, 2007

Finally, Pictures!

First off, I finally came round to making pics of my Jaywalkers:

I used about 62 gr. (half the hank) of Lisa Souza's Lime & Violet Colourway in Merino Sock Yarn. The patterns are nearly symmetrical in both socks, aligning in leg and foot parts pretty good. I'd already wearing them the second time around, and really like them. I cast them off just two hours short of the start of the new year.

Yesterday evening, I also finished my first pair of socks for the Lime & Violet Sock Marathon 2007:
I used the Anastasia pattern and yarn bougth on etsy from yarnahoy in Old Earth:

Éowyn just loves them ;)
I did not measure the exact amount of yarn I used, but I'm too lazy to calculate all that- I'll just knit 10 pairs of socks. That should fit, as I guess I used more than the required 250 yards per pair anyway. The pattern is really beautiful in the colourway I mean, shifting the blue and red parts around appealingly on both socks. I did change the original pattern in so far that I knot both socks with k2tog instead of one with ssks, and read the chart from left to right, as it was an even row.

Right now I'm only working on the melon scarf - I still got 11 days left, rather 9 with the blocking, that should be enough. Right after that I'll cast on socks with my STR yarn - don't know which ones (pattern and colourway), but that's up next. For the larger projects, I plan on really taking up jogging and swimming again next week as it's still fairly warm around here, and once I do that I will inevitably slim again (I always do once I'm really into it), so I will use less yarn, and it would be such a waste to start now. grin.

next week I'll be spending most of the days alone as my BF is away from tuesday till sunday - just me, my cats, and yarn. And the flat to be cleaned thoroughly again, but as I will count that as sports too - I only clean like once every two weeks, thoroughly like only 6 times a year, so that's really hard work - I will still have plenty of time for my knittery love. And I plan to get my new mobile phone, the old one really needs to be exchanged after 3.5 years. Can't be a techno freak with such an old phone. I'm going to get the Nokia 6103 - a little old already, but hey, I just wanna TALK with it, maybe take a few snapshots, but that's it! Even on the newer model I couldn't fit one episode of lime & violet for listening to, and I just need my iPod when I decide to listen to somehting. I don't just require 100mb, I need the 30 gigs, with like 400 cds. I'm just such a geek.

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