Thursday, January 04, 2007

No cat-being wishes right now

Oh, they are soo poor! My freshly neutered cats, I mean. Normally I so envy them for their life (apart from that "no opposing thumbs, no knitting" part of their lives), but yesterday evening I've just been one fussing pile of pitty looming over them.

To start with, they puked like 5 times each, for hours. The smaller (the black) one, Eilistraee, did get well faster, she was the first to wake and crawl around (and piss herself) even though they put the larger one under first, and had also picked at the wire stitches long before the second cat even started examining what was missing and what not. So cat number two, Eowyn, weighing a 0,07 kg more, was like sick for he whole day, and in the evening she even puked up that worm. I already talked about that, no more puking since then, but a small pack of misery she was, curled up on top of the scratching post, not even opening her eyes when i talked to her or scratched her behind the ears. I was even thinking about calling the doctor, so apathic she was.

Now this morning, at 7:30, both cats were already complaining for fresh food in front of the bedroo door, making me jump out of bed like mad, the image of ripped wounds and cattery misery before my eyes - to find both critters demanding food, looking all like normal, just being pesky. After the run for the food both played at being miserable again, but every time something stirs, they are up and running, so the pain seems to be diminishing already. They even hunted a spider half an hour ago that had the nerve to sit 1,5 off the ground at the wall, and both cats jumped up like nothing bad had happened or might hamper their well being. I feel just a little bit played by them, but the misery yesterday was real, and today they well deserve a bit of playing sick. Just their cunning boggles my mind. They are way smarter than me, I always claim to be all right while I'm still sick. Should look at them for ideas next time my core temperature goes towards meltdown.

So now to ther things. I completely got over the restriction thingy yesterday, and bought some knitting needles on ebay, long straight bamboos. I already have a lot of bamboo needles as I bought them also on ebay from a hong kong seller, and I'm all happy with them - I mean they are not as smooth as the pair of 3.75 cm needles I got from the UK when I visited last year, but they cost like 17 EUR for 15 pairs of various sized circular needles. I also got the shorter straights and dpns - and now want the long ones, too. catsrating the cats cost less than I planned, so I gotta spend the money!! But the new neddles are from another seller, and come with a rolling case, and double cost, but it's still cheap. Now why do I justify buying needles I probably need, sometime in the distant future? No, they are also for the arwen cardi, mind you.

Arwen cardi, good topic to venture on. I gauge swatched yesterday with yarn I originally bought for Eunny Yangs Argyle V-Vest - asking for not-superwash and getting, yeah, right, superwash yarn. SoI have 7 balls of sky blue and 8 balls of dark brown Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino Big - and plan to stock the sky blue up to have enough for the cardigan. I could even drive to the yarn shop now, but then I would have to dress for outsides, leave the cats alone, and well, go outside! I'm so lazy today, I don't think I'm going to do this, now. They still have open til 6:30, maybe I find the will later.

Listing to the new lime & violet episode just before blogging, I'm a little relieved about the sock marathon right now. I guess after knitting my ten pairs, I don't want to count the yarnds. Ten pairs of socks in 3 months should be enough ... I don't know what's it with me and competitions anyway. As if anyone, even me, cared whether I come up with 9, 10, or 11 pairs. As Miss Violet already pointed out, it should be FUN, not stress. duh.

So ... I guess for my next project I'll buy yarn here. I think I found that shop before, but it appeared on the L&V message board today, and there's something with me and light greens ... any sky blues, and lilacs ... I don't always look good in pastels I just love to look at them. My old blog was lime green for a year, and I sort of still miss that here - but changes should be changes, now should they not? But I still plan on knitting from my stash, as I have a load of summer yarns, just not now.

Oh, and my Vogue Knitting Holiday Issue finally arrived, after ordering the suscription in october. I just hope that the winter issue is here before it is too warm to think about pullover knitting. IWK is way faster. But I'd just love to knit that frilly coat on the left. I generally like the designes of the IWK more, some of which has to do that they mor eoften include my size in the patterns, so I don't have to do calculations for like a week before starting to cast on, but the last 3 issues of VK have been quite to my likings - I just want it to arrived within the month of coming, not 6 days before the next issue comes out. But when I wrote them a month back they answered "please except up to 14 weeks for new orders" ... I mean why do they need 14! weeks to send me my first issue when I payed some days before the new issue was first shipped? Even if it takes a few days to process things, and maybe add it to a second shipping - 14 weeks? I guess I was lucky with only 12 ...

I just feel like writing now - I guess that was innitiated by a) knowing that during the university break I might get a few stories published that get me enough money to buy yarn, at least, if not live from it, and b) I got a feedback on a story I wrote like 3, no 4 years ago! When I read it I at first did not even know what story the guy might be talking about. Phew, I'm getting old ... old 23, hehe. Which reminds me, only 1 month till my birthday, new excuses for yarn shipping - I just love the cold season of the year. So many happy events ...

That's it for today. I should probably update that sidebar.

p.s. again, for nad: Die Wollmeisenwolle ist es wirklich wert - seit ein paar Monaten gibt es in vielen deutschen blogs Bilder von den Socken, und sie strickt sich wirklich gut - vor allem mag ich das typische Nylon in den Opal-Sockenwollen nicht, weshalb ich die der Wollmeise liebe - greift sich absolut nicht an wie als wenn ein Plastikuntier da hineingekommen wäre. Und die Portokosten sind auch für mich der Grund, warum ich, sofern ich jemals keine Sockenwolle mehr habe, wieder dort einfallen muss.

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