Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Uh, no idea for a title

Now the last post somewhat sounded a bit ... harsh and bitter. I am not bitter!! NOt at the least! Ah., IN the least, duh. I'm just a blogger who uses her blog to vent off steam. Sue me ...

Just the 3rd day of the year, and I already dropped out of the Knit from your Stash thingie - I did not actually buy yarn yet, and I still plan to do a lot of knitting from stash, but the restrictions ... let's just stick to !"i don't go well with restrictions, even self-inflicted ones" for the while. Bad experiences 2 times in the past, and I don't want to bother you guys with that - my own personal crap.

Today I really don't have a mind for anything, although I'm happy that my yarn from the UK arrived - I cannot use the Jaeger for the Arwen Cardi, but I have some Lana Grossa that should fit, and just have to buy a few more skeins tomorrow ... see where this is leading? But I don't see why I should postpone one project for another like 10 months because of that. And I don't like restrictions.

Hm, maybe I should really venture on about that - venting off and stuff like that. But I had my two sweet kitties catsrated today, and they are sooo poor, my sweeties! Just trotting around, barely moving, lying in small balls of cat, and just being miserable and in pain. One of them is still nautious, and she even hacked up a worm, ick! But now I know at least that she's got to get treatment for that, too, when we go to get the wires removed. Normally the thought of my cats having worms just creeps me out, but she was soo poor, I just hunched over her for about 10 minutes and just comforted her. Can't carry her because that hurts the wound. I'm just such a sissy when it comes to my cats.

So I took today and tomorrow off (still having 11 days of leave and from next week on y boss won't allow me to take them, so I gotta have time with the cats anyway) - and then the idea sprang up about the yarny goodness I might bring home with me when I hop out for food - yes, it means leaving the cats for two hours, but they appear to appreciate being left alone, and I can
remove their saucy leftovers any time later, too. Plus worms, should others dare to appear. Ick.

And I opened a new, old bloggfer profile for KALs. This is just getting on my nerve otherwise.

Hm, just escaped the posh yarns site, too. Phew, that was close. I just hope I'll never surf the site when the sock club is open again.

Und übrigens, Wollmeisengarn unbedingt kaufen. Ich weiß, ich bin gemein ,)

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Nad said...

Lohnt sich das Wollmeisengarn??? Ich schau mir die Seite immer wieder an und seufze...... Und es ist ja immerhin viel billiger, da das Porto ja nicht so übel ist und ich glaube mit 13 Euro komm ich da gut weg im Vergleich zu US Garn...... :)
Grüße an die armen Katzen- hoffentlich gehts ihnen bald wieder besser!