Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lala la la Lala

Reporting which that is finished: the melon Shawl!!

It is still blocking in my room, taking up all the floor space thgere is, and I have to reblock the points on one of the small sides again - because I ran out of pins! But it is more than a whopping 2 meters long (I blocked it for length as it was already wide enough), and when wet the KSH smelled like wet cat. Mew.

So the first lace project for the year is done, only two more to go (but I fear more will likely come!), at least to go with my total for the year. I won't cast on anything til Friday, as today I have to figure out how to get the underskirt of my ball gown sewn inside - the pattern called for the skirt just to hold up with a rubber band inside, which was theoretically fine - onlyx when I have that around my hips they flare, and one of the things I definitely don't need is flaring hips. So last year I had it tugged up underneath my breasts, but that kep slipping, ending with me tangling my legs in the skirt - not pretty. And as the bodice is sewn exactly there to the main outer skirt, I could easily sew in the underskirt there - just that it is nearly 4m of fabric bunched together with said rubber band.
I guess the easiest way would be to get the rubber out, minimize the circumference of the skirt to just what I need around my torso, and sew that inside. Should be done in under two hours, I hope. Haven't been sewing latley, so that might take a while to get into it again. But luckily the only pats of the underskirt visible are below my knee where there is a dramatic gap in the outer skirt to let the underskirt peek through. I will post pics tomorrow from the whole ensemble with stole, me inside, so that you can get a better grasp on what I am rambling about here.

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