Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Uhm, well ...

It's really strange, but I feel somewhat under pressure because of the few KALs I'm participating in. This is still stranger as there are no deadlines approaching, and all. I'm just a bit on the freaky side of things, lately, I guess.

Yesterday I needed about two hours to get the flat straight, spent 1 hour in front of the computer, and knit like 6 rows. I guess the "I will knit soo much" week planning was abit on the optimistical side of things ;)

I'm a little peeved that my mum comes either today or tomorrow - I mean it's now my flat, and she should be a bit more concrete. I hope for tomorrow, because with a little luck we won't see each other. I'm just sooo not in the mood to quarrel with her because of my general messyness. As if that was the most important thing in the world. Meh. If the flat weren't so nice and cheap I would move out just tomorrow, to be true, to somewhere were she couldn't just drop in any day she liked.

See, I'm stressed, depressed, and generally a bit on the down side today. I guess I'm really heading towards a big depression, kind of the clinical / medical type, not the "oh, today I'm lazy, call it depressed" kind of thing. So many things don't make sense lately ... and don't get done. So, well.

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