Friday, January 19, 2007

Tinkering again

I'm just a little peeved today - with everything. But in a good vibes way. I guess I'm already halfway into the weekend, and now doing nohting, sitting raound here, that's making me mad.

I guess that's why I retinkered on my template again. I soo cannot decide whether I want the sidebar to be on the left or right side, and the colours - oh well. I guess tinkering with the template is my number one reason why I even blog. Sounds strange? So what, I'm a geek.

After complaining so much about the waxed paper and the knitting needles, I have to admid that when I changed dpns yesterday (because the cat attacked me and one of the two I'm using for the edging got stuck between the chair and its armrets and was unfindable for hours, so I had to get another one) I realized that after knitting for 3 hours with it it had already smoothed significantly, so I guess I don't need that stupid paper anyway, just time for knitting. Meh.

This then inevitable led to further considerations - why buy needles for 9 EUR a pair when I can get 15 for 15 EUR? Yes, talking again of the ebay shop of my doom, although there is a new one,t oo, here. At least new to me. But the needles from the needle shop are great - just not all soo smooth as some of the more expensive ones. But ... I just saw that I also carry their sets for circular needles with 100cm and 150cm length (39'' and 59'') - the latter one with 3.25 and 3.75mm needles, too! That means - lace knitting needles!! I just hate it to knit my lace on a 60cm or 80cm needle, as it all bunches up and until binding off I won't se a singe detail - those would surely make that easier. And they are soo cheap!

Ok, stop. I guess I spent enough on needles already to buy yarn for like 2 pullovers. But ... well. I honestly don't know what to do now. I'd so like circs with fancy coloured cables, and they do have that, too. And for knitting in one piece but not in the round my 80cm are waaay too short - the provincial waistcoat would get even more of a problem that way. But can I justify buying at least one set of needles, again?

I guess I should cast on for that damn project before buying ANY new needles. But as I don't intend to buy any yarn right now, apparently I have to buy needles. Stupid.

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