Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hm, dragons?

First, about the title - I have the pattern for the Heere be Dragone Shawl at home for like half a year, and still haven't cast on. I might do the hidcote garden shawl before that, but it definitely shouts at me to be knit. And Lime & Violet featured a song in their podcast about the old Dragons & Virgins thing - I just love that song. Just cannot remember the URL of the great bards who sang it now. Just fitting, isn't it?

Yesterday I went out and got myself some running gear. And I tried on my ball gown - I sewed it last year all by myself, and somehow had strange nightmares about it not fitting anymore - but it's perfect. I still have about 10 cm of edging to do, but tonight the melon shawl will be done, and ready for wear on Thursday. Yay!

reading too much fantasy epics is bad for me - now all kinds of strange ideas for shawl pattern run rampant in my mind. I've long been planning to design my own shawls, or generally patterns, but now this becomes sort of an obsession. Maybe I'll make one or two during the time I won't be able to knit nearing summer ... don't know yet. And just maybe I'll finally buy a domain for myself, put of a good homepage, blog there and should I ever get good patterns together, maybe sell them there. So many options, so little time ... But that's really for the far away future, not like next month or so.

Why did I even start this post today? There's not really anything of value to write. Nothing much happens these days ...

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