Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh, nice

I just got my weekly stats of the site count meter, and apparently some poeple are reading this blog! Most hits are via google or the kals I'm participating in - linking does work, somehow.

But now to more important things. First off, my mobile rocks. I just wanted a phone I can take some snapshots with, and therefore it is perfect. Plus it has a radio receiver, so I can listen to my most favourite radio show each morning, now. And the battery still holds. I just wanna use it so much now, and I honestly don't have anyone to call. All my usual suspects are already getting bored with me calling them. I'm such a poor baby ;)

I also photocopied the pattern of the provincial waistcoat today so that I can take notes - and started to write down the instructions for my size seperately. It's just such a mess with all the different sizes having different numbers in nearly every single line of the pattern - twice. But I will go on, and eventually it will work, and I might even cast on this very week.

Yesterday was a slow knitting day, I just did two repeats of the melon pattern (60 now), and after stretching the thing I decided to just do the 62 repeats as in the pattern, that's by far large enough! I guess I'm running towards 2 meters already ...

I'm somewhat looking forward to spending the next evenings just with my cats, sipping coffee by the podwise, and staying up till 2 a.m. or the likes ;) will get a lot of knitting done, for sure!

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