Tuesday, January 09, 2007


a.k.a. the follow-up post to yesterday's Squee!

So I did try out my new knitting needles, and already cast on for the Arwen Cardi (followingly called just AC), and am already knitting on the larger sized needles in the back. I did mess up a bit with the yarn as I have 14 skeins of one batch and 7 of the other, so now I'm knitting 4 rows with batch A, 2 rows batch B, 4 rows A, you get it. The one colour is a bit more grey, the other more blue, but it does not really shjow up. And most importantly: my gauge in knit and purl stitch remains the same. On some needles I clearly change, but with those everything stays and the overall structure is even. Yay! And the needles are just sooo cool. Smooth yet with enough grip to not let the yarn slip. I should have bought them months ago ...

Oh, and I went yarn shopping yesterday, on ebay, and bought 10 skeins of RYC Cashsoft Aran in "bud", a nicely limey green. I do like the colour, you know ... it's for the Provincial Waistcoat, featured in the latest IWK (winter 06). From the band I should get gauge, knowing me I will be at a little less stitches per inch, so knitting the thing just off the pattern will provide me with just my size, coincidally 2 inches larger than the last one posted (I guess). Whee again!
I was so hunting for that yarn since I bought one skein last year at Liberty's, after monning over the yarn for like 20 minutes, hogging the yarn section and driving other costumers off with my erratic looks.

Speaking of erratic, and because I saw it mentioned in another blog, readwise I've again fallen for my "epic fantasy of doom" series once more - Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" Series. Reading the books for like the 4th time ever. Since I don't even know which one of the latest books was the last I read, and even the summaries could not help me, I started to re-read all books last year - and two weeks ago I took up the third book again, by now I'm hooked again as ever. Knowing that I still have 3 good books to go makes reading fun again. I just keep hoping that towards the end the story will pick up again. So much hope ;)

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