Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm Undone

Just look at this ... revelation! It's a cone from Colourmart Uk ebay shop, and I just have to have it. 100% silk, 150 gr per cone, 2500 yards, and they even wind it for free up to dk. I am sooo in love! Forget the link I posted yesterday, must have this yarny goodness!

Now I was going to buy some yarn today, the LG from yesterday's post, but now I'm uncertain. No, for sure I'll buy both, as I still have to swoon over lime green silk yarns, but still ... 3 cones would come to just over 50 dollars, I guess that's roughly 40 EUR, I guess that would be enough for a pullover, or maybe some lacy cardigan. Still, it's silk, hm. The Debbie Bliss Pure Silk I knit with was on the brink of extincting me (now can you say it that way? actively brink of extinction usage. Hm. My english gets worse every year ...). Well.
Oh, I just found the perfect project - Sahara from Stitch Diva - should be perfect! And when I run out of yarn, well, who said I wanted to make long sleeves anyway?

Okay, I just bought it. 4 cones, plus shipping, less than I will spend on yarn today. I'm so crazy (but until now I haven't found a good yarn for Sahara, and I won't use a 20$/skein Tili Tomas yarn anyway). Now this is solved. I really payed more for sock yarn orders, lately, so no complaints. And I don't have stash, nooooo. Please keep looking elsewhere.

So I'm off work for the day - all is done, and I gotta do something else, too. Weekend, finally! (after 2x3 hours of work this week, I'm soo lazy).

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Cheryl said...

Wished I hadn't ventured over here, I am knitting from stash but two eole have asked me to knit shawls...this coned silk is gorgeous, so have directed them to site to select colors...what a bargain...thanks for sharing the info...if only I could use my free buying day now...heehee