Saturday, December 30, 2006

Progress, of a kind

To be true, I did not really have any great kind of christmas knitting stress this year. As all the years before, as I have only been knitting "seriously" for a year now, so last year it was struggling with a cardigan I have since frogged and reknit about 3 times, and will likely never finish. And, I might have posted it already, I generally don't make a lot of christmas presents, just my parents, the kinda boyfriend of my mum (the pendant for my dad does not even get recognition, you know, the whole "that b*tch destroyed the marriage of my parents" kind of thing), and my own highly cherished boyfriend - that's it. Why so few, no friends on the list? Because 7! of them have birthday between 3rd of december and 6th of january, so if I had to buy christmas presents too I'd be broke till July. But some of those guys and gals require knitting, and this year I did the icarus, already showed here. And mom got a birch, and binary from the current knitty has been in planning but was stopped after about 15 cm. I like fair isle (novice still), but I had neither nerve nor time for that, this year. Maybe next - I know a whole lot of geeks anyway. So I resorted to starting knitting socks, and the medlon shawl.

Why do I post, you ask now? Because I used up my first skein of KSH for said melon shawl, and now it's already 23 repeats long, 23 of 62 or the likes. So I might even be left with one unused skein should the border not eat up 2. Well.
And my jaywalkers are nearly done, too. Just a few more rounds and the second toe will start, after that (fits) I just have to redo the first toe, too - not that stubby toes after all, it seems ;)

Today I also created a new profile at yahoo for flickr, and joined the Lime & Violet Sock Marathon - so tomorrow I will go stash diving, yards counting, and probably set some spare yarn up at ebay. I'm the only gal in the world who has opal yarn and does nt like it. But for a defense, I did not know how ... squishy it was, and sounding, as I did not get it beforehand, and well ... we'll see.

We will spend the next two days alone with our cats - who just became randy like hell - being in heat for the first time ever - and the last time, if I can help it! When the first one started this morning it was still funny, but now they are both singing and showing us their cute little bums, and it really gets on my nerves. I just hope I don't have to spend all my christmas money on the vet, but better now than in 2 months when my paychecks will stop for a while. But they are still so cute! Just a little too horny ...

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