Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hello world!

... or the likes. This is take two on my second blog, or something.

Why take two? Well, making a new blog on blogger NOT using blogger beta is horrible! But now everything should be fine ... or at leats I keep telling myself that.

So who am I? I'm me!! Now that was the answer to everything, wasn't it?
For the rest, I'm a 23 year old university student in Vienna, Austria, Europe. I'm a yarn addict, thanks to the lovely Ms. Lime & Violet now also to etsy bought sock yarn, and I actually knit when neither my boyfriend or my two cats keep me from it. Or work, or something.

My old knitting blog can be found here, but it's mostly in German, so enjoy the pictures and forget the rest. I moved from there to here because I want an English knitting blog, too. And hide behind the great annonymity that being European often conveys ;)
And it also explains the stupid times my posts will show up here - I don't usually blog in the wee hours of the morning, but only live in a time zone that can be queer for American folks. I know, because one of my best friends is in the US right now, and we usually skype when I'm not really awake in the morning, and he's staying up pretty late.

Last weekend I finally got my hands on my Lisa Souza yarn, and signed up for the L&V and the Snakes on a Sock KAL yesterday - pictures will follow, today. I promise. Sometime. Maybe they are even up before anyone reads this. By the way, I don't even know if anyone WILL read this, ever, or something. But I hope so - keeping a blog just so people can read it. Sounds queer? That's me!

Oh, and as a last warning, I'm really into changing templates of my blogs, so don't wonder when you come back and everything looks different. It comes from having had to learn html pretty well at school, never oggling css or php more than an hour - so to bring it to the point, I know some of the stuff, but keep on messing with the rest. A LOT. Because at wortk I cannot knit, because people think me crazy when I bring my sock yarn with me, so I have to do other things, like redesigning my blog. Oh, yeah, and working, but that's not that interesting, too.

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