Monday, December 11, 2006

Fly away ...

... on icarus!

From lace

Took me about 2 months on and off, and 104 gr. of uruwool lace merino - just 4 rows before BO the first skein ran out, so I had to reorder some - colourway luckily fit perfectly.

Sadly not for me, but a gift for a good friend - luckily she' a bit taller than me, because I would get a kinda devil tail from the bottom - looking cute, at least my bf said so, but then he is not the right one to ask such questions!

And the new knitty now poses a problem for me - time-vise. I had planned on being nearly finished with my pre-christmas-birthdays-knitting, but then the binary scarf went online, and I happen to know two geeks who have birthdays on december 3rd and 25th respectively - so off to the LYS I go! And as for getting into the right mood we were weatching the whole matrix trilogy this weekend again. Just love it.

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