Sunday, December 17, 2006

Horrible, terrible ...

Yeah, it was, two days ago when I found a notification in my post telling me that yarn had arrived - and went straight back to the post office. Plus taxes to pay, meh. THis thing happens from time to time as it is on the brink of being legal to just "import" yarn from the US and not pay the taxes we put on all things here. Most people, like Sarah from adds "gift" to the sign on the package, or writes a much lower value so that even should someone pick it out of the hundreds of other packages, it slips through. Well, this one did not, and the postage paid was a little too low - so it got stuck. But I'm more unhappy about the beautiful yarn having to have stayed at customs for two weeks, not coming into my caring stash box reserved for its likes, and not about the price. It wasn't that high, and as the yarn had been relatively not soo high priced ... well. Now it's here, and I'm happy.

Now all but 3 of my madness induceds etsy purchases for christmas self-satisfaction are here - oh yeah, and I'm not lazy here, I have been ill for the better part of the week, and stupid enough to work on Friday, so hgh fevere and constant diarrhea it's been for me instead of christmas party there. Meh².

I did finish the first lime & violet KAL jaywalker, but pics will follow later, I promise.

And I honestly think about doing two "knit from your stash only" thingies - I have a terrible amount of sock yarn from etsy now, and even with a sock a week rates I will just for that use several months - and there's the lace weight drowning in boxes, and that one package of rowan kidsilk haze ... I cannot afford to buy yarn next year anyways, because I will be out of job from about march to september, and trusting on the alimentations my father then no longer has to buy to continue is such a thing ... well. At least I have the yarn already ;)

As knitting is still a bit hazardous with my health status - dpns and started socks ready to fly when I raze towards the loo, cats well behind me to catch the yarn and/or sock, go figure ... maybe I take pics of everything, wind it, and then take more pics. This blog is still so pristine, that has to end! And yeah, I should start customizing that sidebar, too!

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