Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Confessional, and such

So today I receied three (in numer, 3) packages of sock yarn. Yeah, a few days back I went a liiitle bit, just teeny weeny bit crazy on etsy ... and now yarn drops by here nearly every day - I'm in heavene!

Well, technically I should be in bed. Because I am ill, again. For the like 10th time this year, no exaggeration. The new year will hopefully bring less stress, and a visit to the doctor looking at my vital signs and what roams my arteries, blood-vise. I've been ill a lot as a child, consequently having had an immune sysrtem like a VIP club bouncer - until last year when my parents went crazy, one after the other. Some might call it divorce, I call it just plain crazy. And from September 05 on I've been more often hogging the bed than since my last OP when I was 7.

Weehe - more knitting time! If it can be called knitting when I'm having a hard time between coughing up tea and not snotting my jaywalkers full of, yeah, well, snot. Meh. Not so good - but I can at leats stare at the yarn that just arrived, today.

Which is - 2 pairs of socks that rock! Nodding Violet and Puck's Mischief. One is in light and the other in medium weight, just to see the difference. And I'm soo drooling over the yarn - had to repack it swiftly so no damage can come from that.
Also my yarn from cinnamon stitches (argyle, mer and blueberry pie) and yarn ahoy (Old Earth, Carribbean Gold, and MT Vernon Ave) came - and now drowning in sock yarn. And I'm so itching for more Lisa Souza ... but as I spent about double my christmas money already, I should probably at least wait for the credit card bill to drain my bank account before ordering more.

So for the rest of the year, and possibly a lot of next year too, I'll be knitting socks. I already printed out a lot of patterns, so that should not lessen my progress. Hopefully. But then I also hope for the promised Lime & Violet book, so I'll have to buy more yarn when that come out, and so on. Meh, I have to get a better job to buy more yarn!

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